Newsletter Spring Term 2016


Newsletter Spring Term 1

Dear Parents/carers

The children have come back to school this term ready to learn and already there has been lots of exciting events happening. The children have also been reminded of The Three Golden Rules of our school to keep us safe and to show each other respect and kindness.


Boys must not come to school with shaved areas on their head as this is not appropriate for school... They should have the same amount of hair all over their head.

Please make sure that this rule is followed by both parents.

Thank you to all those parents who are following this important rule throughout our school.

Assemblies-Congratulations to Year 4B, Year RecA and 5 for their super assemblies. The effort that went into their assemblies could clearly be seen and enjoyed by parents and children alike. Thank you to all the teachers for all their hard work and thank you to you, as parents, for coming to support all the assemblies this half term.

Year 6 will be presenting their assembly on Thursday 11th February, 2016 and Rec A on Friday 12th February.

Congratulations to the Young Voices Choir!

Last Wednesday the children of the St Thomas a Becket Young Voices choir performed at the O2 arena with 7460 other children! It was a wonderful celebration of song and dance and our choir performed enthusiastically throughout.

Thank you to Mrs. Cannon and Miss Taylor for all their hard work in getting the choir ready for this massive performance.

School Uniform.

Again I would like to thank all the parents who are sending their children to school looking smart and their shirts are crisp and clean!

If you are replacing school shoes and your child needs to wear other footwear, please send in a note to the class teacher informing them of this.

Please do not send your child to school in a HOODIE. They are not part of the school uniform and can look very scruffy against the smart school uniform.

E-safety day 9th February, 2016

Next week we will be giving the children lots of opportunites to be aware of being SAFE using the Internet and Social Media.

There will be a competition for all the children to design an E safety poster, won last year by Cian Donovan in Year2T.

It is vitally important as parents that you encourage your children to be safe when using the internet and social media. It is, in fact, your overall responsibilty to do this and we will support you with this through E-safety events in school.

Thank you to Ms Lazarus and Mrs Watson for the important work they do in school.

Disco Day Thursday 4th February, 2016


The children can wear their own clothes to school and attend the disco for £3.

For Key Stage 2 children, please make sure you have paid for your child to attend the disco as well as wearing their own clothes to school on the day.

PLEASE COLLECT YOUR CHILD ON TIME. If your child is walking home unaccompanied, please make sure there is a contact number on the bottom of the disco letter. Thank you.

Be on time for School.

Thank you to all the parents who get their children to school on time.

Children in Key Stage 2 must be in the playground at 8.40am for the bell at 8.45am

Children in Foundation Stage and KS1 should be in the playground at the latest 8.55am for the start of school at 9am

It is important that your child arrives on time as lateness is recorded and he/she needs to be ready for the day.


Foundation Key Stage 1 Playground Entrance Gate.


This entrance will be closed promptly once all the children have gone into their classrooms.

If your child does happen to be late, you must come to the main office to bring your child into school.

Class Masses

Again, this Spring Term, Classes are pairing up to celebrate Mass at St. David’s Church on Wednesdays. This is an opportunity to be part of the community of our school and of our Parish As parents; you are very welcome to attend these Masses.

February 10th 2016: ASH WEDNESDAY all of KEY STAGE 2

Wednesday 24th February  Reception B and Year 5

Tuesday 1st March  Year 2m and 4B

Wednesday 9th March :Reception and Year 6

Thursday March 17th : 2T and3F




Again, I must remind you, as responsible parents and carers to park sensibly. Do not mount the pavements in your cars as this could cause a serious accident. Parents have already made me aware of drivers who are not parking safely.


It is the children’s safety which must come first.




Thank you for supporting your children with their homework and their home reading. This is important as both the school and you as parents are working in partnership to educate your children.

Thank you to all the staff also for their consistent support of the children with their learning.

Mrs Greally and all the staff.