Parent e-safety page

The internet is accessible in many ways, through laptops, computers, tablet, phones and even games consoles. In just a few simple steps you can keep your child safe and give them the awareness to know what to do if they encounter a situation which makes them uncomfortable.

  • To avoid your child accessing inappropriate content please ensure all devices with the internet are fitted with parental controls.
  • Ask your child to show you the sites they use. In doing this you will be included in their online life and you can visit the sites later to check security and how to report any issues should they arise.
  • Ask your child to set any social networking profiles to private so that their personal information, photos and videos cannot be saved or copied by anyone unknown.
  • Remind your child to only have online friends they know and trust in the real world and remind them to never to give out their personal details such as, school, address or phone number.
  • Encourage your child to talk to you about the internet, so that if they encounter an uncomfortable situation they feel they can come to you if they are concerned.

If you are concerned that an adult has made inappropriate contact with your child or they are being bullied via the internet visit the CEOP safety centre at:

For any further guidance on e-safety visit:


As part of our commitment to e-safety the school offers all parents FREE access to ilearn2 Free Parent Resources.  This site provides a wealth of e-safety resources for parents; showing you how secure your devices in the home and tips and suggestions for educational internet use.  PLEASE NOTE:  The school pays a subscription fee for this resource.  It is FREE for parents to use but you will need to type in the parent user name and password once you are on the site.  You can get these from the school office.  Please do not share these log in details with parents outside of our school as misuse of the free access will result in a termination of our subscription.   Please do make use of these FREE resource as they are great!