Community Cohesion

We ensure that all members of the school community understand others by:

  • our clear policies and procedures
  • sharing our policy and practice with parents and pupils ~ our Aide Memoire identifies our key issues for action
  • regular communication through Headlines
  • highlighting the needs of others by supporting, for example, the Bishop's Lent Call and Harvest appeals
  • valuing the diversity of our staff and the contributions they can make to the life of our school


We make a positive contribution in valuing diversity by:

  • Valuing the identity of our pupils
  • The celebration of multi-cultural events and Black History Weeks
  • Supporting charity fund raising
  • Giving our Behaviour Policy a high profile and ensuring that all pupils feel safe and secure.


Our school ethos promotes community cohesion by:

  • Valuing Christ in everyone ~ both in and out of school
  • Identifying explicit agreed values
  • The sense of belonging we have established within our community
  • The way in which our pupils demonstrate our values
  • Our involvement in the ExtendedSchool's Cluster
  • Our curriculum involvement with local secondary schools.
  • The active involvement of senior staff in the development of LA, Cluster and Diocesan initiatives.
  • Our links for staff and pupils in the Church Schools' Cluster


We have taken the following steps to ensure that barriers to access for all are removed:

  • The implementation of a locally agreed Admissions Policy
  • The implementation of appropriate equality policies
  • Rigorous monitoring of sub group progress

We enable positive relationships between groups by:

  • Providing opportunities for leadership by pupils
  • Encouraging parents to come in to school in formal and informal situations
  • The use of Circle Time and the SEAL project


We engage with the local community by:

  • Regularly attending worship at our local church
  • Publicising church events
  • Inviting local visitors in to work with the pupils
  • Involved in supporting local community centre – singing at Christmas
  • Work with local Secondary schools to provide work experience.
  • Provide placement for parents to complete N.Q.V’s in child care


We increase pupils' understanding of UKand global communities by:

  • Responding, as appropriate, to world events
  • Teaching about other faiths and beliefs


Our evaluation of our contribution to community cohesion informs future planning through:

  • Pupil and Staff Voice
  • Monitoring the attendance of parents at school events/responses to surveys
  • Self Evaluation being embedded in our practice


Reviewed September 2011