School Council Ideas

The school council have organised for the whole school to take part in the Macmillan Dress up and Dance fundraiser on Friday 19th June 2015. Each child brings in £2, to be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support, and they dress up. So they can twirl in a tutu, hip-hop in a hoodie or even just jive in their jeans – it's completely up to them. The school council have devised exciting suprises for this day. To brush up on your dance moves check out these helpful videos made by Macmillan.

So many children and adults made a massive effort to dress up and they looked superb! Here are some photos showing the fun dancing the children and teachers took part in, all for a good cause.

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The school council met to discuss ideas for the the Lenten prayer room. Together they decided that in the prayer room the children could write the name of a person whom had been kind on a candle of kindness. This has been very successful and highlighted the many kind things the children do daily.