Swanage 2016


Note to all parents/carers; Please make sure you check this page for information regarding our return from Swanage. 

Could we kindly please ask that parents/carers make sure they park in such a way as to make it easy for our coach driver to drive down Mottisfont Road. Please do not park on corners or directly outside of the school gates.


Year 6 have arrived back to school safely.

Have a very restful weekend, we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.



Track our progress.

We are on our way! Please keep checking for updates.





Off shopping and then back to the beach!




Learning about quarries.



                      Blowing reeds.                                                                            Grass that smelt like roast beef.

Morning in the misty fields.



We've had a great day! Ice-cream on the beach. A seven mile walk. A visit to the tuck shop for some sweets. 

We also wrote our letters home and had some free-time on the assault course and football pitch.


On the cliffs.

We learnt about erosion.


Views from the cliffs.

Marching on!


                                    Fort Henry from WWII                                Old Harry from the Cliff


     We are learning about Studland beach.        Football on Studland beach, Staff v Students



The start of our seven mile walk!



 Our Yummy dinner!





Here are our land yachts.



And the winner is...

With a fabulous whole body lead. Well done!


We have also been to the beach, had a go at some land yachts and we are off to the beach again to have some chips. Yum Yum!




Off to Corfe Castle!


Happy Birthday 




Walking back from the beach.




               Enjoying Lollies at the beach,                         until Donald spots something a bird has done!







Off to the beach





 Year 6 are enjoying their 'Smugglers Talk'. "It's a lot of fun!"



Year 6 have arrived safely in Swanage.



Year 6 have arrived at their first stop. All are well and excited!


Please remember 8am start, prompt


Monday 6th June 2016 - Friday 10th June 2016

Swanage Kit List

  • 6X Trousers/jogging bottoms
  • 6X T-Shirts
  • 6X Underwear
  • 6X Socks
  • 3X pyjamas
  • Coat (Preferably water proof/ water resistant)
  • Trainers
  • Flip Flops/ Sandals (optional for the beach)
  • 2X towels (one for bathing and one for the beach)
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Shampoo/ conditioner etc
  • Hairbrush/ comb etc
  • Deodorant
  • Black bag (clearly labelled)
  • SAE so the children can write a letter home
  • Please do not forget to send a letter to your child. Last date for secure delivery (first class)

                                                                        Wednesday 1st June 2016.

Wide Horizon Townsend Centre

Cobbler's Lane


BH19 2PX


Important Reminders.

  • Depart (Mottisfont Road Site) School 8:15am - children should arrive at 8am so registers can be taken. If bad weather, suitcases can be stored in the hall. If dry weather, please leave in the playground.
  • Children can bring £15.00 in to be spent whilst in Swanage. The children will be given a daily allowance of £3.00, which they can spend or save for the shopping afternoon. This can be brought into school any time from now and handed to Mrs Cooper until Thursday 25th May in a clearly labelled envelope. Please do not send your child with their pocket money in their case or hand it to an adult on that morning - it must be given in before we break up for half term.
  • All medical/ dietary forms must be completed.
  • Any prescribed medication needs to be clearly labelled with your child's name and brought into school before half term and given to Mrs Millbank. Please ask your GP for a new prescription and give us your unopened medication for your child. If your child suffers from headaches, hay fever, travel sickness etc, these must be prescribed from your doctor. We are not allowed to administer any medication that has not been prescribed.
  • Please make sure that your child has suitable clothing for this trip. The British weather can be so unpredictable, so despite thinking June should be warm, it could turn a bit chilly throughout the day.
  • Thursday evening will be The Talent Factor and disco, and so your child may want to bring something along (that fits in their suitcase) to support their act. They may want to bring a change of clothes for the evening.
  • Please check the website for news that we have arrived/ departed. Please do not ring the school office unless it is an emergency.
  • We will return on Friday at approximately 4-4:30pm, depending on traffic. Please make sure there is an appropriate adult waiting to collect your child. Please check the website for updates as the time does vary when we arrive back as the traffic can be so unpredictable.
  • Please send your child to Swanage with a stamped self addressed envelope, so they can write to you on the first evening.
  • Please make sure that your letter to your child is clearly marked St Thomas a Becket.

Wide Horizon Townsend Centre

Cobbler's Lane


BH19 2PX


  • Please pack a clearly labelled black sack that can be used for worn/dirty clothing.
  • Electrical devices such as Ipods, mp3 players, digital cameras and DS's can be brought to Swanage.
  • A disposable camera is optional. If your child does bring a camera, please make sure it is clearly labelled. Digital cameras are allowed, but they are your child's responsibility.
  • Please do not pack any food/sweets/biscuits in you child's suitcase. Your child will not need extranfood as we are fed very well.
  • Your child will need a snack, such as a piece of fruit/biscuit, and a drink to have when we stop at the services on the way to Swanage. Please do not send them with sweets or chocolate.


If at any point your child is behaving in a way which is of danger to themselves or the children in the group, you will be asked to come and collect you child from Swanage as soon as possible. Please remind your child that they need to be safe and respectful in order to have a fantastic time!

Any questions, please speak to either Mrs Cooper or Mrs Pearson.

Many thanks for your continued support

Mrs Cooper                                                              Mrs Pearson

Deputy Head/ Year 6                                               Trip Coordinator