Year 2M


Miss Morgan

Support Staff:  Ms Russell, Ms McGuire

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Curriculum Overview:

Autumn 1: Year 2



A Very Top Secret Mission: making predictions, sentence structure, character descriptions, identifying key features of a recount, writing recounts, using expanded noun phrases, edit and improve, write to express emotions.


Duffy’s Lucky Escape: use stimulus, annotations, poetry, perform, real experiences, sequence events of a story.



SPaG: capital letters, full stops, questions, paragraphs, prepositions,


Numbers to 40: counting to 40, place value, comparing, ordering and pattern, simple addition, simple subtraction, adding three numbers, solving word problems.


Mental Calculations:  mental addition, mental subtraction


Multiplication: adding the same number, making up multiplication stories, solving word problems


Division: sharing equally


The Chosen People


Oceans: Names of oceans, weather and temperature of different oceans, what lives in different oceans.


Uses of Everyday Materials: identify a variety of everyday materials, compare everyday materials at home and school, understand how some materials are natural and some are man-made, use correct vocabulary, investigate materials by their properties.


Run, Jump, Throw – Handball

The children will develop power, agility, coordination and balance over a variety of activities, will be able to throw and handle a variety of objects including quoits, beanbags, balls and hoops, will be able to negotiate obstacles showing increased control.


Simple greetings