Reception Learning Portal

Please read with your child at least four times a week and talk about the story. This makes a real difference to their understanding of the texts and their enjoyment.

Please note that not all items will be usable on all platforms. Where available please use the mac version for iPhone, iPod, iPad.


 These are the sounds that we use in school. Please help your child/ren to learn these sounds so that they can encode and decode words (phonics).




Easter Production Songs 2017

The Chocolate Shop

Chocolate Eggs at Easter 

We go in the Window

We go in the Window (reprise)

Why Couldn't They Be Friends?

How Can We Solve The Problem?

With New Hearts


Reception A are practicing for their class assembly on Friday 12th February. Here you will find a link to the Dragon Song that have been learning so that you can help your child sing it at home.

Dragon Dance


    Nativity Songs 2015

Nativity EYFS 2015

Nativity Songs 2015 for mac